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This is my blog called “Reactions”. It will mainly feature my thoughts on other blog posts which get me thinking. It is more of a way to order my thoughts in a formalized way than it is a regular blog i.e. a communication device. The posts will usually be in English with a German one every now and then. I mainly follow blogs from the science/skeptic/atheism blogosphere, so that’s what I will write about mostly. Maybe every now and then something about politics and sports or something which happens to me on the street. Or photography, or travel. We’ll see.

I hope some of you enjoy, or even better, I hope that some of you disagree and criticise. My thoughts are more often than not not final, and I am open to be educated if I misunderstood something or my reasoning is wrong…

The name mainly reflects the fact that I write my “reactions” to other blog posts; it also fits nicely because I work in chemistry (even though in environmental chemistry, where I’m not concerned with reactions in a typical, i.e. synthetic organic, way.)

(For now, I stay pseudonymous. Maybe that will change once.)

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